Giustino Caposciutti


Giustino Caposciutti on exhibit at Via Cavour 85 in Arezzo.

Giustino Caposciutti






Giustino Caposciutti was born in Civitella in Val of Chiana (Ar) in 1946. He graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts Albertina (Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti) of Turin, city where he lives and works as an artist and educator.


His is a simple painting and at the same time cultured, that takes the movements from the analytical painting from the late sixties. His work has evolved in time, characterizing itself with existential and social messages.

For "participated art," he intends an art that is defined through the contribution of a plurality of subjects, not only people, but also other entities, as for instance cloth, nails, walls, the light. Caposciutti for at least the past two decades is one of  the principal protagonists of this “participated” form of art, on an international level, thanks to the creation of events such as FiloArx, Plural Art, Tessere… and Heart Art which have made him known all over the world.




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