The Villicana D'Annibale Galleria D'Arte opened December 11, 2010 in the original location at

Via Cavour 57 in Arezzo. The gallery's program focused on figurative to abstract fine art and photography and provided a unique source for local and international contemporary art in Arezzo, Tuscany.  


Danielle Villicana D'Annibale, contemporary artist, gallerist & curator, together with her huband Maurizio D'Annibale, light designer, hosted and organized a wide array of innovative and high quality exhibitions, ranging from classical figurative to abstract painting, sculpture and photography.


The exhibitions were often accompanied by artist interviews by leading curators, art historians and journalists, as well as occasional poetry readings, musical performances and wine tastings. The gallery represented over thirty artists, including master Tuscan artists Silvestro Pistolesi, Luigi Falai, Govanni Maranghi, Giancarlo Montuschi, Susan Leyland, Giustino Caposciutti, Enrico Borgogni, Pasquale Marzelli and many others.  It also featured as guest artists many excellent American artists including Lisa Egeli, Walter Erra Hubert, Christopher Slatoff and Danielle Villicana D'Annibale.


In September, 2013, the gallery’s relocation to nearby Via Cavour 85, a space twice as large with double windows, vaulted ceilings, and a magnificent view on the Badia Square, approximately 100 meters from the previous location, was a positive change which allowed the gallery to install more substantial exhibitions and include larger sculpture.


The new exhibition space was inaugurated with a very special exhibition of Tuscan master artists Silvestro Pistolesi of Florence and Rino Giannini of Pietrasanta, curated by renowned art historian Liletta Fornasari. Since the move to Via Cavour 85, more artists, especially sculptors, exhibited at the gallery, including Rino Giannini, Paolo Caponi, Giacobbe Giusti, Marco Cipolli, Beatrice Nencini and Franco Tanganelli, as well as artists Carmelo Lombardo and Dina Cangi. 

The gallery's strategically location in the historical center of the city of Arezzo, in close walking proximity from the Basilica of San Francesco and Piero della Francesca's The Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle, the Museum of Modern Art, Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi, the Archeological Museum "Gaio Cilnio Mecenate," the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art as well as the Casa Vasari Museum, contributed to the success of the exhibits and events.

The gallery hosted and prepared fifty-seven exhibitions, published thirty-one catalogues and eight ebooks, all available on our website, Blurb or Amazon. 



















On November 30, 2013, the Villicana D'Annibale Galleria D'Arte closed and the day after, on December 1, 2013, the space changed name to the address Via Cavour 85, a new alternative exhibition space available to local and international contemporary artists with the sole purpose of promoting art and culture


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